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Why (And How) E-Commerce Brands Should Use Polyvore for Product Marketing

polyvore product marketing

I like to refer to Polyvore as the biggest social site you’ve never heard of (apparently so does Bill Seaver from Micro Explosion Media). In 2012, the site had over 20 million monthly unique visitors and currently has an Alexa traffic rank of 610. If that doesn’t sound too impressive given that Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have Alexa ranks of 11, 2, and 17, respectively, just keep in mind that there are millions of sites out there- suddenly 610 doesn’t sound too shabby, right? (Tweet this!)

So what is Polyvore? It’s a site where users can create collages (called sets) using products, text, and other special features.

The benefits of Polyvore for e-commerce brands- especially female-centered industries like fashion, interior design, and beauty products- are numerous. From the perspective of a community manager, Polyvore is an easy, aesthetically-pleasing, and free way to showcase a brand’s products. It’s a viable alternative to Photoshop, which can cost thousands of dollars. One of the biggest benefits is that each item featured in a collage is linked to the original source of the item, meaning consumers can click through to your e-commerce site to buy the featured product(s).

Think about using Polyvore in the following ways:

If you’re ready to experiment on Polyvore, consider these tips (tweet this!):

  • Partner with top users– when you stumble across users who has a lot of followers or set views who fit the aesthetics of your brand, send them a message asking them if they would be willing to create a set featuring your product. Offer incentives (such as a free product or a link to their blog on your site) to sweeten the pot.
  • Use your sets in blog posts– make the most of your Polyvore content by sharing it on other sites, like your blog. Just grab the HTML code that Polyvore provides for your set and plug it into your blog’s editor.
  • Partner with other brands– reach out to another brand that is already on Polyvore and offer to include their products in your sets if they will do the same. For example, if you have a shoe company, partner with a purse company or a nail polish company.
  • Promote other brands– likewise, consider including items from other companies with similar styles or complementary items in your sets and then tweet them or tag them on Facebook to let them know that you’ve included their product.
  • Track who is using your product in their sets– if you see that people are using your items in their sets, send them a quick thank you message, offer them a discount code, and/or ask if you can use their set on your blog. Don’t hesitate to ask them to create more sets if you love their style!
  • Create a collection– we all know that promoting others can have a positive effect on your business! Create a collection and add other users’ sets to it. At the very least, they’ll be introduced to your brand and may even engage with you or promote you in return.
  • Host a contest– have your top fans create a set using your product and give the winner a prize (like your product!). If you want to increase your exposure and/or don’t have a big network, consider hosting a contest through official Polyvore channels, which get very visible placement on the Polyvore homepage.

Polyvore isn’t just for e-commerce brands. Here are a few fun things that can be created on the site by bloggers, designers, and pretty much everyone else:

polyvore for e-commerce brands

How do you use Polyvore in creative ways?

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