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Guest Post: The Key to Personal Positioning

It’s no secret that businesses often change their marketing message depending on the audience they want to reach. One example of this, which I find pretty awesome, is Kool-Aid. Traditionally marketed as a kids’ drink, right? Well, they decided to capitalize on the fact that college kids were using the drink as a mixer, so they designed some marketing specifically for that audience. A lot of parents weren’t pleased about it, but it’s a perfect example of positioning.

Positioning: creating an identity in the minds of a target market ~Wikipedia

So, just because Kool-Aid can be used as a mixer doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for kids, right? These two target audiences aren’t mutually exclusive and Kool-Aid isn’t being deceptive in any way about their ideal customer.

Which brings me to personal positioning. Let’s say that at a networking event, I meet a girl- we’ll call her Katrina- who just graduated from college and is looking for a job, but isn’t sure the route she wants to take for her career. At the same event, I meet a small business owner- let’s call him Bill- who is struggling a bit with his online marketing.

Then you have me: both a digital marketing strategist AND a career coach. Would it be deceptive to tell Katrina that I’m a career coach and tell Bill that I’m do digital marketing work? Nope- it’s called personal positioning.

Personal positioning: adjusting your personal branding message depending on your audience in order to accurately speak to their interests and needs -@cmroman (tweet this idea)

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