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Digital Marketing Services

Need help establishing your personal brand or expanding your business’ reach? CMR Strategies has you covered. I offer online presence management for individuals and small businesses.

Managing a personal or professional online presence consists of many components, most of which are listed below. The value of my service stems from the integration of these various elements to create a unified, comprehensive brand presence on the internet and beyond.

So what specifically can I do for you? Anything that will help you dominate the internet, including but not limited to:

Setting up your website or blog- choosing and installing a template, setting up on-site SEO, designing a header, finding the best plugins for your needs, and teaching you how to work with WordPress.

Setting up and managing your social media accountsformulating a plan of action to build your following; setting up your accounts with a cohesive design; writing content for Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. 

Maximizing your blog- reaching out to bloggers for guest posts, product reviews, and giveaways, finding blogs to guest post on.

Writing and submitting press releases to send to local, national, and international websites and media sources.

Teaching you- time saving tipstricks, and tools for your email, website, and more during training sessions.

Not all digital marketing is created equally! Want to learn a bit more about my core tenets of digital marketing? Check out my philosophies.

Have a question or ready to dive in? Email me!