Coffee a day may prevent heart attacks

Coffee is full of active stimulatory compounds, vitamins, and elements such as antioxidants that are linked with prevention of blood clotting that may occur in your brain and your chest. Reduction of clogging in these blood arteries reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack.

In preliminary reports presented at the California Conference give supporting evidence that coffee helps to reduce the risks of heart attacks, diabetes, dementia, and depression.

An article published in the Science journal Circulation, a group of students, led by Ming Ding as the lead researcher-researched about 208,000 participants. The participants were grouped into three groups. They included male and females, aging between twenty-five to seventy-five years. This study by the students and the lead researcher Ming Ding consisted of the American dentists, nurses, pharmacists and other certified health professionals.

The data was analyzed after every four years through questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered to both the men and the women of various healthcare professionals.

They asked the interviewers how many cups of coffee they frequently drunk every day. The range was between one to several cups of java each day.

The findings confirmed that those who drunk more cups of coffee had a very low risk of heart attacks, but those who consumed one or no coffee where associated with high risk of heart attacks. However, the study also showed that those who smoked a lot and drunk many cups of coffee day where at risk of increased lung cancer.

The Co-author Frank Hue said t those who regularly drunk coffee was found to be inversely linked to risks of death caused by the heart attacks. The study showed that having a coffee periodically is associated with healthy lifestyles.

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The wrote an article also suggesting that drinking the best organic coffee brands such as Cameron’s specialty reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

According to the study done by Researchers at the University of Colorado through using machine learning, they analyzed a heart attack associated data of seventy years from Massachusetts. This data mostly come from the Framingham town.

The analysis also confirmed that those who daily loved drinking coffee had reduced chances of heart attacks. With a cup of coffee weekly, one decreased the risks of heart attacks by about seven percent. However, the researchers said that they had only given a relationship but not the cause.

Laura Stevens, a data scientist for American Heart Association, and also, a Ph.D. student in the University of Colorado, suggested that she does not know if it is the coffee compounds or is the characters, that are always associated with the coffee, that reduces the risks of heart attack. Nevertheless, she promised to investigate more about the mechanism.

Ms. Stevens also suggested that the machines which they were using to analyze the data where good though they were not wholly accurate.

She even linked this analysis method with finding five needles in one hundred haystacks. The needle was related to the heart attack factors while the hay was associated with the general context such as the diet and lifestyle. She even said that the Machine method only indicated the likelihood in which needles can be found in the haystacks.

Research in Korea which was conducted by some health students proves the same notion. They confirmed that people who drink about three to five cups of coffee on a daily basis had reduced chances of retaining deposits of calcium in their arteries, therefore, proving that a glass of coffee a day may prevent a heart attack.

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Data from American Heart Association which was conducted in 2017 suggests that from twenty observational reviews made in 2017 indicates that there is a definite result associating heart attacks and consumption of coffee. The data provided the same trends that Cardiovascular diseases are highly triggered by inefficient oxygen in the heart muscles thus causing the death of the muscle cells.

The several scientific sessions conducted by the association shows that heart attack is mostly caused by hypertension, high amounts of blood cholesterols, smoking, old age and also diabetes.

In a different study presented at the Anaheim Conference, the scientists, suggested that people who eat very quickly are also prone to heart attacks.

Although all these studies were diligently and professionally conducted, they do not prove the causes and the effects of coffee in the reduction of heart attack risks. This argument is apparently confirmed by an article written by Neal Freedman for the National Institute of Health suggests that it is not easy to nail down the prove that coffee reduces the risks of heart attacks.

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