Faecal Coliforms Bacteria Has Been Found At Starbucks


The ice used in Caffe Nero, Starbucks, and Costa has been found to contain faecal bacteria. The BBC conducted an investigation and discovered three of the largest coffee chains in the United Kingdom were using ice containing the bacteria found in faeces.

Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee, and Starbucks bacteria were found at various levels in samples taken from their iced drinks. These levels are concerning because faeces should not be present at all.

This led to the cleanliness of the high chairs, trays, and tables being tested at thirty branches. Faeces bacteria was found in seven out of ten samples of ice taken from Costa. Caffe Nero and Starbucks bacteria was found in three of the ten samples.

This type of bacteria was called opportunistic pathogens by a representative of The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. These pathogens are what causes disease in humans. Costa has stated they are using a different system for storing their ice. Their guidelines for handling ice has additionally been updated.

Starbucks is in the process of conducting an investigation regarding the faeces. Their spokesman stated they are taking the situation extremely seriously. Caffe Nero is also conducting an investigation and stated they are taking appropriate action.

What are Faecal Coliforms

coliform bacteria

Faecal Coliforms are a very specific type of bacteria. They originated inside warm-blooded animal’s intestines. Faecal coliforms can grow when bile salts are present. Within a period of 48 hours, they can begin producing gas and acid from lactose. This bacteria is also referred to as thermotolerant coliform.

How Faecal Coliforms Forms

A certain genre of coliform bacteria come from feces. This can indicate an E. coli contamination. This means the feces may also contain microorganisms. When the level of fecal coliforms increases it is a warning the water treatment is beginning to fail. When there are issues with the distribution system it can mean the supply has been contaminated with pathogens.

Extremely high levels mean the risk of waterborne gastroenteritis has significantly increased. There are tests available with a one day incubation period. These tests are both reliable and cheap.

When a septic system starts to fail coliforms are allowed into the flow of the water table. This includes surface waters, drainage ditches, and aquifers. If sewage connections have been made to the drain pipes human sewage can be absorbed into these waters.

There are numerous industrial cities in the Midwest and Northeast United States using a combined system. This system handles waste through the usage of a sewer. Stormwater and domestic sewage are both carried by a combined sewer. When there is a lot of rain a combined sewer can easily become overloaded. This enables the overflow to reach nearby rivers and streams without first going through the necessary treatment.

How to Protect Your Self from Faecal Coliforms

It is important people are protected from faecal bacteria. The presence of this bacteria may not necessarily cause illness but it means there are serious issues involving the water supply. Contamination by harmful microorganisms is a definite possibility once the system has broken down.

One of the most serious contaminations is from Escherichia coli or E.coli. The only place this bacteria can be found is within the intestines of humans and mammals. This contamination indicated the possibility of parasites, viruses, and bacteria in the water. The majority of E.coli strains are not harmful but some can cause serious illnesses.

For people to be safe from faecal bacteria it is imperative the sanitary conditions and degree of pollution are tested on a regular basis in all water treatment facilities.

The most common contamination found in drinking water comes from the waste of animals, humans or both. This can be caused by the runoff from stormwater, the leaching of manure from animals, sewage discharges and a septic system that has not been treated properly.

When water systems are tested regularly any issues can be detected while they are still small. This can prevent the breakdown of the entire system and the contamination of the water.



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